I am a designer and marketing consultant located in the Las Vegas area; however I travel worldwide to service clients in the automotive, aircraft, industrial products, fashion and entertainment industries. I am an alumni of the prestigious Art Center College of Design n Pasadena, California. My 25 years of experience working for major corporations around the world and in the USA has given me great insight into product development; market research and business organizations.

Design Services – why use a professional designer:

As an independent design consultant I often come across small to medium businesses that have never used a professional design service. Adding design experience to your company will:
  • Add creative product ideas to your existing line or create new ones.
  • Add style and customer appeal to your products and business resulting in increasing sales.
  • Add function, efficiency and accuracy to your prototypes and the end product.
  • Add cost savings and an end to parts proliferation for your manufacturing strategies.
  • Add real usability to your products with human factors and interface design.
  • Add a project manager who will solidify your team and its ideas.
  • Add a fresh look at your corporate branding, identity, packaging and advertising to upgrade your image in the market place which increases your bottom line profits.
  • And finally, create new strategies, short and long term, for your business and product lines with managed implementation.

The Complete Process:

Design – a good design consultant will look at your total business to ensure the success of new products; my range of consulting services includes:
  • Working with you to visualize your business potential thru analysis, strategies and images.
  • Research your markets and competitors to find the right product for the right customers and markets …. story board techniques help here.
  • Assist in time management procedures to cut down development times and get to market quicker.
  • Implementing quality control measures in all aspects of design, prototype, manufacture and shipping … no one wants to waste time or do it twice.
  • Create dynamic and realistic product designs and proposals.
  • Design for material specs / human factors / human interface. DFM – for manufacturing processes and just in time (JIT).
  • Assist in model/mock-up and prototype production; including supervising 3-D CAD models to meet “design intent”.
  • Work with suppliers to achieve the best and most cost efficient product outcome. We need to build relationships here.
  • Prepare visuals and presentations which will sell your/our ideas to management or investors .. important aspect.

Conclusion - add these elements to my varied design experiences in aerodynamics, mechanics, architecture, plastics fabrication, corporate branding, and business systems; and your company is bound to benefit from our collaboration.

Contact Information:
  • Local Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
  • Cell (mobile): 949-331-8716
  • Phone: 702-243-9514
  • Fax: 702-243-9514
  • Email:




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